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Duratuff Vinyl Cladding

'Rich, vibrant colours with authentic wood grain textures for a more beautiful home'

Duratuff Vinyl Cladding Weatherboards

With classic good looks and guaranteed durability, Duratuff Vinyl Cladding is Australia's ultimate wall cladding - for home building, construction, renovation or improvements.

Enduring Beauty

Duratuff's new generation of vinyl cladding offers rich, vibrant colours with authentic wood grain textures for a more beautiful home. A broad palette of lustrous colours and innovative design means you can enjoy the look of real painted timber for years without any of the hassle.

Performance Guarantee

Engineered to perform in all weather conditions, Duratuff Vinyl Cladding protects your family from driving rains to wild winds and extreme heat. With a unique locking system, all panels are securely engaged, while allowing for expansion and contraction, which is critical to withstand weather extremes. Duratuff won't rot, peel, dent, spilt or crack, and is guaranteed to last for 50 years.

Exceptional Value

Duratuff offers the best possible protection for your home with excellent cost-effectiveness. The solid vinyl weatherboards in Duratuff cladding meet every test under Australian Standard AS/NZS 4256.4, which is your highest guarantee of a quality product.


The fully protective CFC-free, solid foam insulation built onto Duratuff Vinyl Cladding Weatherboards protects the environment and your family. Duratuff is energy efficient and aims to minimise impact on the natural environment, offering a high standard of comfort and aesthetics for your home and family. Locking out the extremes of noise, heat and cold, Duratuff offers all-round living comfort.


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