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Foamular Extruded Polystyrene

Foamular is a high strength rigid board with superior long term thermal performance and excellent water resistant properties. The extrusion manufacturing process gives Foamular many benefits over expanded polystyrene and polyurethane due to it's closed cell, high density nature.

It's guaranteed to maintain its physical properties and a minimum of 90% 'R' value for a PERIOD of 20 YEARS.

Tough and Lightweight

Foamular's cellular structure offers long-term thermal resistance and high compressive strength, making it suitable for use under walking or vehicular traffic surface. It is lightweight and easy to shape, ensuring quick building time while minimising risks associated with other cladding substrates.

High Performance

The closed cell construction and continuous skin surface (front and back) of Foamular Extruded Polystyrene make it practically impervious to moisture absorption. The low conductivity ties of Foamular offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective method of improving the thermal performance of any building while providing long term performance, which is guaranteed by it's high 'R' value.

                             Thermal Resistance (R value) of Foamular by sheet thickness
                                                                    25mm = R0.89
                                                                    30mm = R1.03
                                                                    50mm = R1.78
                                                                    75mm = R2.67
                     These R values are stated as tested at 25ÂșC as per Australian standard 1366.4

                                         R Values of some common building materials
                                               Foamular (50mm sheet)             = R1.78                                           
                                               Expanded polystyrene (50mm)   = R1.20
                                               Brickwork (110mm)                  = R0.18
                                               Weather boards (12 mm)           = R0.08
                                               Concrete slab (100mm)              = R0.069
                                               Plaster board (10mm)                 = R0.059
                                               Fibre cement sheet (6mm)           = R0.019

Kind to the Environment

Foamular reduces the environment impact of excessive energy use by optimising energy efficiency. High insulation values mean less energy is consumed in maintaining building thermal efficiency, leading to less polluting emissions in the environment. Foamular is produced using an environmentally-friendly HCFC blowing agent in accordance with UN protocols for CFCs so it's production, as well as it's use, is kind to the environment.

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